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Lactia is an effective, all-natural supplement that combines proven and organic ingredients to increase milk production for breastfeeding and pumping mothers. If you’re struggling with lactation and low milk supply, you’re not alone.

Many mothers feel desperate since breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure an infant’s health. This can be stressful which then makes it even more difficult for mothers to product milk when babies need it most. We want mothers to experience the joy as they watch their infant become full and satisfied as they nurse.

Breast milk provides babies with essential nutrients and the infants tend to suffer less chance of sickness and health issues, including less likely to become obese. The early post-partum period is a critical time for establishing and supporting breastfeeding.

Lactia contains organic and high quality galactagogues to increase milk production safely and naturally, including: organic fenugreek seed, fennel seed, organic red raspberry leaf, blessed thistle, organic marshmallow root, nettle leaf, vitamin D3, niacin and folic acid. Find out why Lactia is the number leading choice of nursing mothers.

Supplement Facts

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Lactia Supplement Facts Label